Often in relationships we become blocked, or stuck in the same fight over and over.

Sometimes someone on the outside is able to help us see through our blind spots and get to the other side. Therapy isn't about making perfect partners. It is about getting beyond where we are stuck and helping us get back to being able to count on each other.

Therapists at Aurora work impartially and without judgement. We see relationships of all types and look for ways to help you reach your goals together.



Relationship Therapy

At Aurora, we understand relationships - the love and the frustrations. Our relationships have the power to build us up and tear us down. They can be safe havens in the storm and places we go to recharge from all the stress around us, and at the same time they can be the things that undermine everything else we do. People come to Aurora for help with many relationship concerns:
  • communication issues
  • relationship stress
  • sexual compatibility
  • impacts of affairs and secrets
  • disconnections due to trauma
  • extended family stress
  • childhood issues getting in the way
  • rebuilding trust
  • balancing step-families & blended families
  • rekindling romance
  • re-connecting after the parenting years
  • sexuality & gender identity
  • ... and so many more...