The process of therapy is looking at ongoing patterns in our relationships, understanding them, and deliberatly choosing to shape them into new, healthier ways of being and interacting.

Crisis Resources

Sometimes life hands us more than we are able to handle and we need immediate help to get through moment by moment.

While therapists at Aurora work with people who go into crisis, we are not a crisis service and are not set up to respond quickly enough to meet the needs of people in immediate crisis. Below is a list of local manitoba crisis services. Please talk with your therapist about what kind of resources you need.

  • Klinic's 24Hr Crisis Line 204-786-8686 / 1-866-322-3019
  • Manitoba Suicide Crisis Line (24hr) 1-877-435-7170

  • Winnipeg Adult Mobile Crisis Service (24hr) 204-940-1781
  • Winnipeg Youth Mobile Crisis Service (24hr) 204-949-4777

  • Crisis Response Centre - HSC (24hr) Attend in person to 817 Bannatyne

  • For a list of crisis services beyond the perimeter please click "here"