The Homicide Bereavement

The Homicide Bereavement Program at Aurora Family Therapy Centre offers ongoing counselling to adults, children and families of those who have suffered the devastating loss of a family member to human violence. Family members who have suffered such a loss not only are left with the deep grief of an untimely death, but also with frequently traumatic images and memories of how their loved one died. This combination of truama and grieving makes the process of adapting to the loss particularly challenging and unlike other losses.

We will work with you to reduce the impact of traumatic imagery, nightmares, flashbacks, and other traumatic symptoms that may have affected you since the loss. We will support you as you negotiate the complexities of the justice system and deal with the attention of the media during the trial and hearing process. We will help you connect with other agencies and services in order to provide you with as many resources as possible. Most importantly, your therapist will create a confidential and secure place for you to share your grief and commemorate your loved one.

We work in cooperation with Manitoba Justice - Victim Services to offer this program at no cost to the participants. We will also provide bus tickets for transportation if required.

For more information, please contact Kevin MacDonald 204-786-9160 or email to

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